Our Team

Carlos Velazquez

Carlos Velazquez

Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry

Carlos Velazquez brings over 18 years of experience on the cutting-edge of 3D scanning. He has developed and implemented LiDAR system since 1999, implementing projects around the world across various industries — like architecture, archaeology, civil engineering, forensic analysis, historical preservation, maritime industries, mining, nuclear, and oil & gas.

As President of Epic Scan, a premiere BIM and 3D services company, Carlos has been involved with Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) since its inception. Now he similarly is an expert on the most recent advancements in photogrammetry techniques.

Carlos served as Chair of the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) Standards Committee, the first organization to focus solely on the Building Documentation industry within the United States.

His past clients include scanning projects for film, television, and scientific research. Highlights include: film projects on sunken submarines in Panama and ancient Egyptian sites for National Geographic; and a documentary of Chichen Itza for Chabot Space and Science Center, funded by the National Science Foundation.

At AIR Studio, Carlos combines his technical skills with his creative energy, to generate new VR/AR content experiences that connect audiences to nature, history, people, and the planet. He believes in the power of 3D scanning to educate and inform — and is harnessing that inertia with AIR Studios’ toolset, allowing others to create their own content and feel wonder like children.

Aaron Moffatt

Aaron Moffatt

Software Engineering, VR Cinematography

Aaron Moffatt is a VR software engineer, cinematographer, nature documentary filmmaker, writer, and concert violinist.

His 12+ years as a software engineer have taken him through fields as diverse as embedded systems programming, rigid body physics simulation, image processing, machine learning, and biotech software architecture.

Aaron studied musical performance and is a renowned theatre and orchestral violinist. His solo repertoire spans some of the great classical violin concertos, as well as improvised works.

As a documentary film maker, Aaron worked for 4 years to produce, write, shoot, and edit KLAMATH. This feature film explores “the Galapagos of North America,” a little-know-to-the-public but scientifically treasured mountain range in the western United States.

With AIR Studio, Aaron’s diverse expertise allows him to create software interweaving science, visual arts and music. He aims to use technology as a tool to connect people with each other and to our planet. He designed AIR Studio as a new medium with the storytelling opportunities of film, but the tools to immerse an audience in new unexplored worlds, and the potential to combine interactive experiences and visual art in parallel.